Can a version be made available for your league?

The most common device taken along to a skittles match is a smart phone, and therefore any version of Skittle Scorer must be capable of being viewed in both portrait and landscape orientations - without requiring the user to scroll or zoom in or out.

The design of each version has to take into account the size of the scoring cells in particular, to ensure that they are large enough to enable them to be "tapped".

Therefore, if you are able to answer "Yes" to each of the statements below, then a version of Skittle Scorer can be made available for your league.

A player's number of turns

7 or less turns per match [affects left to right display of scoring cells].

Turn meaning: A player bowls 3 balls consecutively to try and knock down the skittles available - this equates to 1 turn.

Number of players per set

5 or less players per set, per team [affects top to bottom display of scoring cells].

Set meaning: A group of players as a fraction of the total number of players in a team - for example: 12 players in a team which play in groups of 3 - this would be 3 players per set, per team.

Number of sets per match

6 or less sets per match [affects number of buttons displayed in the menu].

Order of play

In each Set: the home team always play first, or, the away team always play first, and, the players take turns to play as the diagram below:

diagram showing order of play

Copy of Scorecard

You (or someone from your league) could provide the developer with a (preferably) digital copy of your league's official scorecard, or a photograph. Additionally, you (or someone from your league) could advise the developer, how each section of the scorecard is intended to be completed.

Next step

Contact the developer to register an interest for Skittle Scorer to be made available for your league. There is no commitment, and the developer will respond to you as soon as possible.

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