What is Skittle Scorer?

Skittle Scorer is an application that runs on your device for scoring skittles matches. It can be opened in your web browser, or if your device is capable, installed as a progressive web app.

Watch the demonstration video.

What does it do?

Skittle Scorer performs 4 functions:

1 For the person scoring: Any score (including spares) can be entered with just a single click/tap - Skittle Scorer does all the maths for you! It automatically calculates and displays (for both teams) all of the: row totals, column totals, pin differences, set totals, match totals, points for each set, and total points for the match.
2 For team captains & league results secretary: At the end of the match, Skittle Scorer provides you with a digital and signable scorecard resembling your league's official scorecard - which can be saved, ready for emailing to your league results secretary.
3 For team captains & players: Skittle Scorer also provides you with a Captain's Log - this shows all of the match details that you would expect to see on a scoreboard. This document can be saved (or printed) for post match analysis. The Captain's Log can also be extremely useful in the event of a match being abandoned part way through - showing all of the match details up to the point of abandonment.
4 Can be a replacement for the scoreboard: If a large screen TV is available, Skittle Scorer can be used instead of a traditional scoreboard. Your device screen can either be "beamed" wirelessly onto a TV using a device like Chromecast, or, can be connected via an HDMI cable.
If a large screen TV is not available, then Skittle Scorer is used as an aid to ensure the row totals, column totals, etc., etc., written on the scoreboard are 100% correct and without errors.

Is it suitable for my league?

Most skittles leagues differ in how a match is formatted. Different leagues often require specific information to be included on the scorecard. The suitability page will help you quickly check whether a version of Skittle Scorer could be suitable for your league.

Is it easy to use?

Yes, Skittle Scorer is easy and intuitive to use, but if you do need assistance, a comprehensive "Help, Information & FAQs" section is included in every version of Skittle Scorer.

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